COVID-19 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



What precautions are the stores and Tohme Management LLC taking?

  • All guidelines set by the state health department and CDC are being followed. Please refer to your return to work letter (* see bottom of this page for a copy of return to work letter) with the specific questions, mask and glove wearing, etc…
  • Utilization of the high traffic cleaning list provided by Jimmy John’s corporate (Inspire Brands) is a guideline to keep stores clean
  • Hand Sanitizer, soap, gloves and masks will be provided in store (employees may wear masks that they already own)
  • Register position has been eliminated due to the lack of inshop customers and curbside pickup to ensure social distancing

When is our pay day upon return?

  • Any employees currently working now through May 5 (the last day of this payroll) will be paid on May 12. All employees beginning work May 6 will receive their check after the two weeks, that date being May 26.

Does Tohme Management LLC have to notify the Michigan Unemployment Agency if I do not return?

  • Yes, we must notify the agency of anyone that does not return to work following a temporary shutdown. You will be taken off your current unemployment and would have to refile under a reason stating why you are not returning to work (you will not be able to state laid off or temporarily shut down anymore as the position was available to you).

If I leave the State of Michigan for any reason, do I need to quarantine?

  • Yes, per the guidelines set, you must quarantine yourself for 14 days before returning to work

If I do not return to work, am I able to still stay on the health insurance?

  • Unfortunately, if you are not working, you cannot remain on our health insurance.

If I chose to leave Michigan for leisure, will my position still be available?

  • If you choose to leave the state for leisure, you must quarantine yourself for 14 days following your return. At this time, no vacation, or travel PTO (paid time off) will be granted (sick are still available).
  • A position may be available, not necessarily the one you left with due to the fact that you are automatically out for 14+ days without a valid medical reason

Can we wear face shields?

  • Yes, but you still must wear a mask underneath it (we will not be providing face shields, only masks).

Are we all working our same hours as before the shut down?

  • Our goal is to keep the same schedules; however, for the first few weeks, we are not staying open until 9pm (this is temporary). So you may not have the exact same hours or schedule, but will receive your regular pay.

At what temperature is someone considered symptomatic? (There are other presenting symtoms as well, see below)

  • 100.4. Though, if your temperature is above 99, we recommend seeking a medical provider’s opinion.

Below are examples which may outline situations and answer questions more effectively. For the examples, Sam is an employee and Avery is a member of Sam’s household. These examples are taken verbatim from Michigan HR Group

Sam has household member Avery whose childcare provider was diagnosed with COVID19. What are my options?

  • Until Avery or Sam is symptomatic, Sam cannot be prevented from working. It may be ok to press Sam to check her temperature every day before work for 28 days since Avery’s last contact (14 days for Avery and another 14 for Sam to become symptomatic).
  • Until Avery or Sam is symptomatic, Sam cannot decline to work without facing disciplinary action.

Avery’s school sends out a notice that someone at her school has COVID19.

  • Same answers as above.

Sam has an underlying medical condition which increases Sam’s risk to COVID19 being life-threatening. What next?

  • Until Sam or a household member is symptomatic, Sam cannot be prevented from working.
  • If Sam has a doctor’s note stating that she needs to remain quarantined, that will be an exception.

Sam is at home with COVID19-like symptoms. When can she return to the workplace?

  • Not return until free of fever (100.4° F [38.0° C] or greater using an oral thermometer).
  • Not return until there are no signs of a fever and any other symptoms for at least 24 hours.
  • Not return until the use of fever-reducing or other symptom-altering medicines (including cough suppressants) for at least 24 hours.

This is a copy of the return to work information that was emailed to all employees

Every employee must take their temperature before coming to work each day and report if they have a temperature to the manager.  If one has a temp, they are not allowed to work.  This must be disclosed and cannot be hidden to ensure the safety of everyone around you.


Managers/PICs of the shifts must follow the below guidelines and ask the questions as each employee comes in and report to their direct supervisor.


o Do you have any of the following symptoms?

▪ Fever

▪ Cough

▪ Shortness of breath

▪ Sore throat

▪ Diarrhea

o Is your temperature below 100.4?

o Have you had close contact in the last 14 days with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID19? o Have you traveled internationally or outside of Michigan in the last 14 days?

  • If any employee answers YES to any of the screening questions, or has a temperature:

o If you have a temperature, you are not permitted to work for 72 hours and must be symptom free AND symptoms must have improved.  AND it must be at least 7 days since your first symptoms appeared

o If you’d have close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID19, you cannot work for 14 days

o If you’ve traveled, outside of Michigan or internationally, you cannot work for 14 days

  • ALL employees must wear a mask (may be cloth) and gloves while working. If you do not have a mask, Tohme Management LLC will be providing some once they’ve arrived. This mask must be disinfected each day after work or before returning to work (wash, microwave, dispose of disposal masks, etc…)

o Follow regular protocol of changing gloves regularly and washing hands consistently for 20 seconds each time

  • Employees need to practice social distancing, as no customers are entering the store, nobody needs to be on the register next to the bread starter. Maintain social distancing guidelines as set by the government.

Disclaimer: Answers to the questions above are subject to change, as the State and Federal government entities provide new information.

This page was last updated: 4/30/2020